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Sustainable Advanced Reality Audit

Sustainable Advanced Reality Audit is a new and better way to run an audit that allows companies to:

  • run a more detailed and verifiable audit
  • save time
  • save money
  • dramatically reduce audit environmental impact

What are the Steps of an Sustainable Advanced Reality Audit

– Online: the Checklist must be filled out by the Person in Charge of the audited company PIC (Eg: Quality Manager); it is reviewed by London Associati, and completed together.
– Sustainable Advanced Reality Audit is carried out by a qualified and independent Auditor CBA of London Associati, commanding audited company mobile cellphone and camera, and recording images and data
– Audit Report is finalized by Auditor, and sent to client

  • No more huge delays in scheduling of audit. Audit is organized in few time (even only days)
  • No more delays in receiving audit report. Audit report is shared at the end of the audit.
  • No more Auditor travel and lodging costs.
  • Better and sure reliability, for the comprehensive, detailed, verifiable and indisputable video and images evidence.
Steps to carry out your audit

Through the blockchain certification process, all the data (check-list, video, audio, photos and documents uploaded online) have certain time stamp because they present the fingerprint on the OriginStamp

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