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Psychological Audit Advertising

We check your advertising before its launch

Very often the enthusiasm of your marketing team or the excellent idea of your advertising agency becomes a boomerang that can cause and cause considerable inconvenience to the reputation of your company. The result can be disastrous both in economic terms and in terms of the credibility of your company.
London Associati, through advanced methods of analysis, provides – through audits – the certification that your advertising message (video, print or web) does not present any kind of offense to your target audience.


“Racist and offensive”: this is how the representatives of the native American community and many users defined the new spot of a famous fashion house that promotes his new fragrance, played by a well-known actor. In the video you see the actor walking in the spectacular Utah desert, in the Red Rocks area, followed at a distance by another famous actress, while another actor plays a Native American war dance.

The accusation made against the fashion house by Indians and many users is that they represented that of the native Americans as a wild and backward culture, and to underline the concept is also the name of the fragrance.

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